Marketing Services

Are you ready to leap ahead of your competitors?

Consumer Insights

don’t necessarily come from one focus group or customer survey. They are usually gathered through a combination of information-gathering activities and combined with an analysis that provides texture and meaning. We use various platforms to collect the consumer feedback and reviews and marry them traditional survey and probing to get the holistic degree understanding. To support decision making, we identify relevance & sentiment of online content.

Brand Positioning

Understand customer needs to discover high-impact brand positioning opportunities through staged qualitative, behaviour research and quantitative involving focus groups. Content analysis is a process of examining customer diary entries, articles by observers of behaviour, advertising, and other language used by advertisers, customers and suppliers in the product category.

Go to Market- Strategy

We assist you in defining your unique value proposition strategy and achieve competitive advantage for your products or services by providing you insights which help you with defining target market, Value proposition, Pricing, marketing & promotion.

Customer Experience and satisfaction

Is your brand delivering WOW to your customers yet? : We help you get under the skin of your customers, collecting relevant and in-the-moment feedback on their day-to-day brand experiences. By having customers (re)live their touch point experiences, we get closer to what makes them excited or disappointed.

Demand Analysis

We measure customer demand, identify trends, analyse buyer behaviour, analyse competitor behaviour, identify target markets and determine sales potential. Validate demand before taking large business risks.

Marketing campaign assessments (Pre and Post)

Marketing campaigns play a critical role in the acquisition and engagement of followers both new and old. Are you trying to increase brand awareness, engagement, acquisition, or sales? Make informed decisions by knowing facts

Entertainment and Event Analysis

Market Segmentation, Competitive analysis, Stratergy, market share, success index.