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At eConcero, we are proud of our research expertise and capabilities. With experts having decades of working experience in the field across industries, across globe we customize each of your requirements basis your specific need.

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We conduct both primary, secondary and integrated research for our clients, sometime catering to exploratory and unconventional research mixing both the research areas.

In terms of secondary research we focus on gathering and compiling data from a vast source of available resources on the web:
  • Research papers
  • Government agency’s published data
  • Trade associations
  • Our industry associations
  • Sentiment Analysis through digital
In terms of primary research our work includes but is not limited to:
  • Interviews (telephone or face-to-face)
  • Surveys (online or mail)
  • Questionnaires (online or mail)
  • Focus groups
  • Programmatic Surveys digitally

In terms of integrated research we focus on the fusion of survey/polls with the voice of customer digitally to generate efficient and real-time reports.

Our work includes collaborating and associating with both brands and agencies.



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