Marketing and sales professionals are under a constant pressure to crack the code of consumer perception and behavior in order to influence purchasing decisions and keep internal as well as external stakeholders happy. We understand what your marketing requirements are and why you need to put specific attention into your line of work.

Google has market domination in search, no matter what you do, you don’t think of any other site to open. Rather, you GOOGLE IT! We are inspired by Nir Eyal’s hook model to engage your customer and come up with breakthrough marketing and sales solutions both on-ground and online.

We focus on reverse-engineering the entire scenario of your marketing campaign to get to the answers of some of the most complex problems from how to capture a customer’s attention to underlining technologies to be used for driving customer engagement and all efforts resulting in sales.

Our team works on an approach of deriving quality on Customer’s Lifetime Value, understanding your price mark-up and provide solutions for your brand’s supercharging growth.

Our successful models include setting up franchise businesses, global distribution channel , luxury retail sales, business event conversions.

Digital Marketing

We believe that if the marketing strategy is right, we would be using effective digital marketing channels to generate leads & Sales.


VFX & 2D Animation
User Interface Design
Experience Design
Responsive Web Design
Visual & Brand Design

Data & Intelligence

Data Mining & Analytics
Data and Intelligence Strategy


Online Advertising
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Promotion


Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Digital Strategy
Creative Strategy

Marketing Automation

Marketing Operations
Omni-Channel Marketing Platforms


Mobile Applications